Dynamic list display hidden items on hover

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On this website I’m working on there’s supposed to be a map displaying various stores. When hovering the name of the store the map highlighting that store appears.

Did this with interactions, individually linking store names to interactions that turn the store map from display:none to display: block. Now the hard part: I need to do this (or something similar) using a dynamic list. I have multiple stores set up and I need the list with the names of the stores to be dynamic. However, this poses multiple problems with linking to different interactions. I can’t link dynamic item to interactions because they would all use the same interaction. And I can’t leave the list plain, like I have it now and manually link to dynamic pages because I can’t figure out how to get the individual URL for the items.

Any ideas on how to solve this are welcome, and I’m open to new solutions, things don’t need to look like this, but what I’m trying to achieve is this: Display a map of the stores (dynamic items) where users can figure out where the store is and click to get to the store page.

Public share link below, the page is “Magazine”.

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Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/orhideea?preview=a4ff6da4a086f62b45edda6ee77b77c1

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