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Dynamic lists - Hover interactions FAQ accordion style

So, I looked around and couldn’t find an answer.

I have a dynamic list, need it to work like an FAQ accordion, is it possible to make hover interaction reveal the answer to questions.

I tried hiding the answers with effect opacity 0, and 0 height. interaction off the question block, step 1 display, step 2 fix opacity and height.

The animation just stuttered for a half a second. didn’t work.

also will each dynamic item interaction work per item and not for all them. in other words, revealing faq answers for each question, vs revealing all the answers.

Here is my public share link: link

(i cleared out the above settings so its clear.)

Hey @erezaie,

The idea is this

Fist notice that interaction on hover is a bad idea because if new content show on hover you won’t be able to scroll to see the entire content because when you will hover out the trigger it will hide the content. Unless you wan’t to disable hover out and let the content shown ?

Anyway i’ve done a click interaction for my example.
-> You probably want to replace Question headerby a Link block instead of a simple div so people understand it’s clickable.

New interaction, Initial Appearance on `Rich text block``

New interaction on `Question Header``

First Click

Second click

You probably can adjust delay of opacity and stuff to make this clean but that’s the idea :wink:

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So apparently, interactions are not functioning correctly in preview mode, published version works…I think that was my original issue…bug report? maybe just my browser version?

Hello @erezaie,

Yes this kind of interaction should work in preview mode.
Can you please give your browser + version ?

looks like last chrome update fixed it? non issue now.


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