Hover interactions or hide title and show text when hover

Hi there
I spent a lot of time looking for a solution, but I did not find it.
How can I realize what I indicated in the screenshot?
I have a block, it has an image. Over the image there is a title. When I hover, the title must disappears. A blue transparent background appears and a text with a button appears.
Thank you so much.

design the first block and put everything that’s supposed to disappear in one div with one class
design the overlay part, all in one div with only one class, hide it with display none
assign an interaction to the first block
the interaction has 2 triggers
trigger one: onhover, affect another element, affect the div containing what must disappear, one step make display none
trigger 2: onhover, affect another element, affect the div containing the overlay, display block

on each trigger make the inverse onhover out

But how to apply block1 to block2? That one is displayed on top of the other correctly

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