Dynamic Grid Slider using CMS and multiple slides

Hi everyone! I’m trying to build an esports website for a high school tournament and one of the sections I want it to show each school’s logo, name and website/fb page link, while each slide to having up to 20 schools and the slider being dynamic meaning every time I add a new school team to the CMS Collection, if needed, it will create a new slide and throw it in there among any other newly added teams.

Any help on how to do this? Not the most expert web designer here… I’ve found a few grid and a few dynamic cms slider tutorials on the internet but none that used everything together as I intend to.

Attaching a sketch I did on photoshop to simulate what I intend to do.

Appreciate it!!!

Hello how are you?

Unfortunately, natively it still doesn’t have the built-in Slider CMS. However, we can get around this with a small code solution that the folks at Finsweet developed.

  1. Go to the website: CMS Slider for Webflow - No-code using Attributes

  2. Copy the custom code they provide.

  3. Apply the attributes they present.

Ready! You have turned an ordinary slider into a CMS Slider.

Good luck :slight_smile:

this doesnt work for what the original poster is talking about