Sliding CMS Content


I cannot crack what on the face of it seems rather simple.

I have >8 team members within a section of my page which I would like to feature using a slider. I am familiar with the slider component but I cannot seem to make it work with CMS content, nor indeed reverse engineer a template layout with the correct interaction with CMS content. I’ve tested a ‘workaround’ solution from Youtube but this was too buggy.

Perhaps I’m missing something simple here - any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

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Hi Celer,

If you’re trying to design this as a single slide containing a CMS collection list of your employees, you can simply build it that way- with the collection list inside of an individual slide.

If you’re trying to create a slide for each individual CMS item to feature each member, try Finsweet’s CMS Slider extension.

If you’re wanting something more complex, like a slider which has 3 items showing at a time, good swipe gestures, etc. I usually build it custom using a 3rd party library like Swiper JS