Sports schedule integration

I am designing a sports schedule for each day of the week to show what sports teams are playing. Theres monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. if you keep scrolling down. The buttons at the top are there to guide you to the day but i dont know how to make everything change at 12 AM for the next day. They weekday buttons need to shift to represent the next day. The charts of the sports games below need to move to represent the next day as-well along with an update of the next week day down the line. Very complicated, It would make it a-lot easier if you could move sections through the editor and you could just rename the weekday and attach buttons to updated sections. And how is there not a schedule for publishing yet, I have to edit it every day now if i sell this site. If you could schedule multiple publishes that would help a-lot

Hey Alex, welcome to the forum.

You’ll need to share your readonly project link if you need help on this- without it we can’t see your page structure or CMS data structure.

That said there are a few ways to do this, depending entirely on your data and your navigation goals. The nocode-way to approach this using Webflow-only is to put every day in the CMS, and to attach your events to it directly.

Note; I’d probably slug each day using a standard ISO-8601 short date format, e.g. 2023-01-28, because you may want to be able to do date math later with script, or navigate to the first of next month easily. Also, you can pre-load the next 3 years easily with CSV, much better than creating 1095 records by hand.

Then you can generate your top weekday navigation bar with a collection list >= today, limit 7, sort asc on date, and you’d just show the weekday on each.

Putting multiple days into the body content is trickier due to nested collection list limits, so there I’d recommend your just have one day per page. That will give you a lot more freedom on what you can show there.

You have a tradeoff decision to make between having more data and following Webflow’s CMS constraints, or using script to overcome them.

That said, programming is fun. PM me if you need a coder to assist.

So you are saying this can all be automated? im not that skilled or expeirnced with CMS. How do i contact you?

Automation is king. Sleep is good.

Yes, you should be able to make your events schedule display 100% dynamic so that you can just update the data and the schedule-display will automatically adjust each day for that.

The trick is fitting within Webflow’s design model “rules” as much as possible, so we would probably need to make your individual week days as individual pages. A lot will depend too on exactly how you’re storing the information inside of those league boxes.

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