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Dynamic CMS Slider with Images and Video (Similar to Multi-Referece)

Is there a way to add video (youtube, vimeo) and imagery together into a dynamic CMS slider? And when you click on each image in the slider, it opens in lightbox. The video can stay inline, since it has its own lightbox feature. The catch would be that the images and videos would come from each CMS entry (similar to multi-reference field, except this field only accepts images). I tried to find a creative solution, code-wise, natively, forums, etc, but no success. Any direction or videos would help.

@Graphic_ReDesign I have created a video tutorial for you that I believe will solve your issue : Webflow - CMS Multimedia Slider (Updated)

I basically took the base idea from the referenced project and tweaked it to match your specifications.

Here is the project I referenced in the video : (Clone-able) Image CMS slider - Webflow

Thank you Chris, please check out the video below. It might clarify my issue better. But very nice video! I learned a lot, was informative.


I have tried many solutions that would require extra collections to no avail. So it’s seems we are at an impasse. @Finsweet @PixelGeek @timothy1643 any ideas?

Thanks much Chris for taking a shot at this. I really appreciate the time you put into it. It is a difficult one to figure out.

Here is a response I received from Webflow Technical Support:


The Webflow Slider element is not capable of CMS functionality so it is possible to encounter unexpected results with this implementation. The following project is a cloneable example of a custom dynamic slider.

Visit the Webflow Forum to see other discussions around this topic. Additionally, there are other discussions about this topic with a third party slider integration called Owl Carousel.

A CMS capable slider is definitely something on our roadmap. However, we are unable to provide a date because the product development process is ever-changing, and we don’t want to set incorrect expectations. When released, we will announce it in the dashboard, on social media, and in the forums.

Please let me know if you have other questions, and I will be happy to assist further.

@Graphic_ReDesign as they said, the native Webflow slider does not have CMS capabilities unless you use third-party code to make it possible.

Thank you Chris, yes, I just wanted to share the findings from the team and also the resources they provided. Can’t wait until this update becomes available!

Here is an updated tutorial with a clonable project on this topic: