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Possible? Dynamic slider with thumbnails

Dear Webflow Friends,

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a portfolio site – with CMS – like this:

In short, the functionality to be able to switch between viewing thumbnails and large images. Clicking on a thumbnail takes you to the corresponding image in a slider.

My client has asked for a re-design of his current site (which I built a couple of years ago), I was hoping it would be a simple re-structure, but after a little looking around at some of the excellent tutorials on dynamic slider work-arounds, and linking to individual slides etc, I’m not sure it’s possible.

Would greatly appreciate input from anyone who thinks they might know how (or if!) this could work :slight_smile:
Do let me know if anything needs clarifying / explaining better.
Warmest regards,

Here is my site Read-Only for the current site – Please note, I haven’t started building it yet, I wanted to find out if I was about to attempt something within the realms of possibility:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

This is Squarespace site. To create such idea on webflow you should hire freelancer (No way to answer this by forum – sorry :frowning: ). Squarespace themes are “really hard to change” but if you use theme X “as is” some effects looks very cool.

This is not really a JS slider - but the page URL changes by AJAX (Look at the URL address bar).

image list

In general the thumbnails view is really simple (List of images). “THE PROBLEM” - webflow missing CMS gallery solution.


The slider himself is really easy to set (create 50% width button)

In your example the middle of the image “close” the slider (So set the width to arrow to 40%) and create 20% overlay button - and change the CSS to this cursor:

Also her “The Problem” Webflow missing CMS slider.

To create AJAX page change try this (Search on the forum for tutorials)

Custom slider by interactions (Maybe you get from this some ideas):

Thank you for your thoughts @Siton_Systems!
Yes, perhaps going down the freelancer route is the best option for now – until we have CMS slider functionalities anyway! :wink: