Dynamic CMS pop-up

Imagine a multiple CMS lists on page. The user is presented with an overview of products.
When a user clicks on item x, popup x pops up with specification about item x in greater details, without leaving the page. When a user clicks “close or x” the card slides out and the user returns to where is was before clicking item x.
When the user clicks on item y, popup x pops up with specification about item y, without leaving the page. etc… etc… etc…

Sadly, I am not able to this without reaching out to react or other frameworks. Maybe it is possible with vanilla javascript… If so… then I would love to hear/read how this can be achieved. Perhaps I am thinking all wrong or too complicated… :slight_smile:

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Have you considered modals and Ajax to pull in a block of CMS detail page info?

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I did not! Thank you. I will try this out. What I have seen, this might do the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip into the right direction Jeff. After many trail and error, I got it working flawlessly :star_struck:

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Glad this resolved your problem. I have used this technique before on WF sites so it was an easy answer.

could you please share a read only or a url to your website to see how this solution turn out?

Here is a working example =>
Ajax Load Team Members (webflow.io)

I am sorry, but the website is a business website. I cannot share it around unfortunately. I will try to make a separate cloneable one in the near future! Till that time, the answer from @webdev can guide you in the right direction!

Hey, is your problem is solved?
If yes then please reply , I’m.stuck into this pop-up process.

Hey Rohit,

Are you still stuck. I did solve it by doing what webdev Jeff S said. If you need help, I can help.