Open a CMS item in a modal

Hello everyone,

Here is what I want to do.

My CMS Collection Items are displays on a page. When I click on each item, it opens the page. I’d like to open the content of the CMS Item in a modal and not load a new page.

Exactly like is doing

Is that possible to do it with Webflow?

If yes, How?

I looked for a solution on Google, but couldn’t find anything.

Thank you!

hi @Julian_Al an example how it can be done I have shared already on this forum and If you have missed it here it is again so you have something to study. I believe there is many other showcases in made in Webflow :slight_smile:



Hope this will solve your request

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It’s precisely what I was looking for; thanks a lot!

I see it involves JS code, let’s get some work done now :smile:

hi @Julian_Al if I remember right JS is only for simple herbs filtering so it is not mandatory to modals from CMS.

Indeed. Even better :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot sir

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