Some images not loading on Safari

My site displays CMS images inside link blocks in a responsive grid. Though the images display correctly on desktop and mobile using chrome, firefox, and most tests on safari, my client reports that, when viewing on safari, some images on page 2 of results don’t load on safari. This continues on page 3, with most images not loading at all by page 4.

I’ve read related forum posts like this and tried a few things already, including:

  • Adjusting the dimensions settings of the images
  • Making the images fixed sizes
  • Ensuring image loading is set to eager
  • Setting background images for image’s parent element and/or for the image itself

None of these have fixed the issue. I appreciate any insight anyone can share! Thanks!

Correctly displaying page 2 and 3:

Incorrectly displaying page 2 and 3 on safari:

Here is my site Read-Only:

When I inspected in safari, I found out that the images were taking 0x0 space, so
I fixed this by assigning each image an ID, and then giving these ID width and height.