Dymaic form with conditional questions

Hey there Webflowers,

I would like to build a dynamic form with conditional questions (pop up of questions depends on the answers to earlyer questions).

3rd party providers (Jotform, etc.) have nice solutions to this challange, but there i have a problem with tracking (connection of 3rd party “thank you site” with Analytics is not possible…)

Or is custom code the only solution? If yes, do you maybe have a good source for a “javascript analphabet” like me? :wink:

BR: Balazs

Hello @Balazs ,

Welcome to the Forum! Glad you could join us. :slight_smile:

I have some client sites that needed this functionality with conversion tracking. I turned to a product called Machform. It is a self hosted or cloud hosted form engine with lots of features. It does require PHP and MySql to work. You can embed tracking codes on a form by form basis.


Hi Jeff… I noticed that you have used Machform in your webflow sites. Does self hosted through Machform work well with Webflow hosing plans?

@HazeDesign - Machform works just fine using the Javascript embed option. I use it on lots of sites and choose to use SES for mail delivery since it handles PPC forms and such. A simple VPS with 1GB at Vultur or Digital Ocean should do the trick unless you have really busy form submissions. I opt for 2GB instances and have no problem. One install can handle lots of sites and you can provide access to a single form per user as needed.