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Duplicating into other pages

I am trying to duplicate one container into different pages so that I don’t have to replicate the same work inside a container twice. I have tried creating a global object, but changing the classes on each page doesnt work because they change across the global objects

If you change classes inside a Symbol, or if you change anything inside a Symbol, it will change in every occurence of the Symbol. Symbols can’t host content that’ll take a different look depending of the page it’s on. (unless you ad in-page css custom code)

There are two methods for doing this.

One is to select the element you want to copy and press ctrl + c to copy it. Move to your new page and select the element on the page you want to past the copied element into then press ctrl + v. If there are no other elements on the page select the body to past into.

This option is good for the one off times you want to copy something.

The other method involves symbols. Make a symbol out of the element you want to copy. This essential saves a copy of the element in the symbols panel.

On your new page drag the element from the symbols panel to the spot you want it. Select the symbol you just placed on the page and use the symbols panel to break the symbol. You will notice that you will still have thy option to drag new copies of your element into the page as symbols but the one you broke is de-linked.

This method it good for using the same copy of a base element over and over again but then allowing you to make small changes to the design per page. The key is to remember to break the symbol you draged into the page so the changes don’t effect the base element.

Also remember that classes are global between pages, so you will need to change the class or nest a new class.


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