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Copying / Creating Similar Pages

Greetings Webflow experts! I’m new to Webflow and LOVE it. Previously I was using Pagecloud which I liked as well, but had a lot of limitations. Webflow is much more powerful.

Is there a way to copy an element and its sub-elements to a new page and change the class name without changing the original class name and without losing the style settings associated with said class?

If not, what is the best way to duplicate similar pages (short of using CMS functionality) and build multiple, similar pages quickly?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi @jaygar .

As far as I know, it’s 2 ways to do this. You can just mark/click on the element with the sub-elements that you want to copy, and press ctrl C, and the go to the page you want to insert it, and press ctrl V.
Or, you can just make a symbol of it, by clicking on the element, go to Add Elements and Symbols, and create a symbol there. On the page you want your elements, go to Add Elements and Symbols, and add it from there. Then unlink the element from the symbols.

Then… On the class name of the element… when hovering over the class name you will get an arrow. Click on it, and then click duplicate class. Type in your new class name… and viola… it’s done.


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