Duplicate duplicated content's classes automatically


Is it possible somehow to duplicate an element (section for example) with all content inside AND to make all content’s inside CLASSES to duplicate as well?

If I copy-paste section I get all classes the SAME – it is good :). BUT if I want to change design inside this section I have to duplicate element’s classes manually one by one not to affect parent. What if I want NOT TO THINK about that and change everything without being afraid that I scroll up and parent section also changed if I forgot to duplicate class?

At the end of the day I want - a function or a method (if it exists) I would name “paste with duplicated classes” or something like that.

Again: is it possible now some way? (duplicate to another project and back doesn’t work)

Yes this is possible with Webflow Symbols. I recommend you look into it. It allows you to make re-usable components for your site and copy those components across pages. When you change the symbol in one location it changes it for all. You can also create one-off changes to symbols that only effect one instance. They are very powerful.

well, my question was how to duplicate classes (not keep same classes) automatiacally when copy-paste… when i create a symbol it does not duplicate them. all classes remain the same.

I mean: all duplicated classes must be different from their parents. and if i change anything inside symbol - other symbols change as well. its their job…

your question is not very clear – but from what I’m understanding…you want to ‘duplicate’ class.

Have you tried looking at Webflow University - Duplicate a class.

If this doesn’t answer your question – then I recommend you build a design system of utility classes.