Dupplicate URLs with UTM tags

I was auditing a site where I saw that there are several URLs of the blog page that are being generated automatically. Is there any way to remove these pages?

Hi Sreeram,

Those aren’t UTM tags, those are part of the page navigation; they indicate which page to render for each collection list. They’re not duplicate URLs either, Webflow currently outputs that paginated URL as the canonical.

Is there a way to no index them inside webflow? How can I prevent these URLs?

Why would you want to? That’s part of your SEO.

If you dislike the appearance, look into Finsweet CMS Load, by default it hides them from the Finsweet-augmented UX.

If you’re trying to suppress them from Google SERPs, you could write some custom code to add a noindex meta when the querystring is detected.