Duplicate text element showing on live site (Potential Bug?)

Hey everyone. I’m currently working on a CMS template page on my website. I’ve created the general layout, and while some of the items have been linked with the dynamic data, some are still placeholders. However, in the example shared below, you can see that for some reason there is an additional instance of my title element being duplicated and shown on the live site when there is no such instance within the designer. The live site duplicate has no styling whatsoever, so I’m being led to think that some error is causing the text to be copied underneath the true element.

There is no custom code on the page itself. There are a couple of custom code elements on the global site custom code panel, but I’ve yet to run into this issue. Is this a bug? Is there something within my site that’s breaking the text element?

Sharing the read only below. Thanks everyone.


live site: Sonder Media

Yes, it’s essentially a bug.
I’m not sure yet what causes it, but we see it here occasionally.


Thanks for the response. You’re right, it’s definitely a bug. Rebuilding the element solved my issue. Webflow should really get on that, seems like a pretty critical bug!