Unchangeable 'Text Link' appearing in Webflow's Search Result page

Been working in Webflow’s Search Result template page and can’t seem to get rid (or style) of this ‘Text Link’ element inside the Search Result Item Collection.

If I delete all my Search Result content (screenshot 2), the Text Link still appears. I have no idea where this element is situated in the Designer. Webflow bug or am I missing something here? It’s also breaking my hover interactions.

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Hi Jordy, do you remember how you solved this? Thanks

Webflow does this occasionally-
When it happens the text is usually “attached” to the containing DIV or other element. You’ll just delete it and recreate it.

thanks for this, it looks very useful, however on a Search Results page you cannot delete and rebuild anything as ‘you need at least one instance of this element’. Guess I’m screwed :slight_smile:

:laughing: That’s the first time I’ve seen this happen on the search page.
Webflow’s support should be able to sort it out. I’d assume they’ve built some designer Godmode privs in for the support team. I would.