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Differences between designer and hosted site: repetition of elements

I’m struggling with a very strange phenomenon in “Webflow”: after some changes to an existing page, on some pages (on the hosted site) there are repetitions of elements (everything ok in the designer)

eg here:

(the block below the image)

Can someone help me?

Read-Only-Link: Webflow - Mediationsinstitut

Hey @SvenG

This looks like a current issue our team is looking into where elements are duplicating themselves inside of symbols on the page.

A possible work around is to copy and paste the original element that is showing up twice, and then delete the original.

Hopefully that works for you. :+1:

Hey @Drew_Schafer

thank you for your quick reply - Webflow and Team are awesome!

Work around did work :slight_smile:

am curious what was the cause …

Glad it worked! :grin:

Simplest answer is some wires were getting crossed. Ha.

Oh those wires … :grin:

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