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Duplicate static page to dynamic page


I’m working on a site for a client who wants me to make a landing page for his tutoring business. He also wants a large number of duplicate landing pages made with only certain keywords changed.
For example, the main landing page will say something like “Australia’s best tutors” but there will be many copies of that landing page with keywords changed to target more niche searches. So if someone searched for tutors in hawthorn, we would have a version of the page with the copy changed to say “Hawthorn’s best tutors”.

The way I’m planning on doing this is by using a dynamic page using collections for all the keywords I want to change. My problem is that I can’t duplicate a static page and convert it to a dynamic page. I want to duplicate my home page and then just make changes for dynamic content where necessary. Is there a way to do this or do I actually have to remake the home page?

In short no you can not.
However what you can do is to make symbols of the elements that you want to re-use. Then you can just select a symbol and drag it into the new page.
This makes building a page with common elements much faster.

Okay great, thank you!