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How to add additional pages?

Obviously when you create a new project you start off with one page.
I can’t find a way to add additional pages to a project?
Unless webflow is like adobe reflow which only acts as a template designer?

Hi Gideon! We’re working on multiple page support at the moment! We think it’s pretty important too.

For now you can do a workaround by creating all your pages in one project then going to site settings for that site and selecting Duplicate. In this case you will have a single CSS file for all pages and you can delete elements you don’t need for each page.

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So… can we do a workaround by creating new projects for each page?

Yes, create a new project. You can also duplicated the website, then delete everything except your header/footer to save time. Go to your dashboard -> Website settings. To the left of the design button at the top right is duplicate.

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Thanks! Another thread on this hack is here: Multi-page "Hack"

The limitations on pages are the only thing stopping me from buying! Hurry Sergie! :smiley:


Was about to buy an annual subscription today, and had my credit card out and ready to type the magic digits, but realized I needed multiple pages before I could switch my current site over to Webflow. So as soon as you get that done, I’m in.

Haha thanks for all the comments guys! We’re working hard on multiple pages! I’ll be taking your money personally :wink:

I see that you guys have now enabled the ability to add pages. Is there a way to add a ‘template’ as the second page? At the moment, I only see a way to duplicate the main page or begin from a blank one.

@David_Haber at the moment you cannot add a template when creating a new page. But that’s a great idea! Thanks for your feedback.