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Duplicate pages questions

Hi everyone,

I am having the dumbest problem.

I duplicated my homepage to save time in recreating the nav bar and header when creating single pages.

Here’s the homepage: Webflow - Just Go Ahead

Here’s the single page: Webflow - Just Go Ahead

When I delete the H2 element (the light gray text block) from the single page, it also deletes it from the homepage.

I only want to delete it from the single page.

Help? Thank you!

I can’t reproduce your problem. Here is a screen recording where I try.

I’m having this same problem. I duplicate a page and an element within the page cannot be edited independent of the same element in the other. In my case the element is the background image in the hero banner. See - the pages called "Zone-6"and “Severus”. Notice how the hero image is the same. I can edit the hero images for all other pages no problem, but for these 2 (duplicate) pages, the 2 hero banners act like one element …