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How can I duplicate the home page?

Hi, I still want my home page but I want another page to look the same. I’ve designed my home page and I thought I could just duplicate it and save it as another page Is this possible? Please explain. Thanks.

Hello @lm1280 have you had a chance to try following this tutorial?

If you go into the Webflow Designer, click on the pages icon, and go to your Page settings, here you can duplicate your home page. :smiley:

​Please let me know if this is helpful, if not, I’m happy to help further. :slight_smile:

Thanks Waldo,

If you look at my image I tried that but it only allows me to “create new page” or “create new folder”. I don’t see any option for “duplicating” a page.

Sorry, I found it. Thanks.

Hey @lm1280 when you hover over your Home page, you will see a gear icon show up which you can click to go to your page settings. Within your page settings you can duplicate your page. :smiley:

Sorry I found it thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


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