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Duplicate Page but not the classes

Hey there,

Is there any possibility to avoid Duplicating the Classes of a Page when Duplicate the Page itself? Right now I have the problem that I cant change anything on a new page without changing the Classes (and their properties) on the complete Page. The only solution is to duplicate EVERY Class on the duplicated page but thats very laborious.

Maybe there is another quick way?

Thanks and best regards

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Sounds like a combo class would be the best way to do this, if the changes to the classes on the new page were small.

With that said, you could duplicate your project in Webflow. Open the new duplicate project and the original project in different tabs. Then copy/paste the duplicate project’s sections over to the original. Webflow will rename the classes automatically to avoid conflicts.

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To make copies of all classes for the different page is not a good idea if you want to keep your site consistent. Using combo classes as @myonke suggested is better then creating completely new but similar classes.

edit: ok, I guess I read it wrong, edited my post to make more sense :smiley:

Is there ae way to copy entire pages from one project to another or it’s strictly just sections?

@obnasr I typically put all of my sections in a page wrapper, (just an empty div with the overflow disabled). If you set up your pages this way, you can copy the page wrapper and paste it into a new project. Then all of the sections would post along with it.

You could easily change the setup of your page to be like this. If you need some help, lmk.

Sounds like a solid solution, thank you so much! I’ll trying making a div and moving all the page sections into it and see if it copies over to the other project nicely.

Will let you know how it goes :slight_smile: