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Duplicating page messes everything up! Alternatives please

I am just learning this and I am running into some issues.

What I want to do is create a template that has my background, basic grid, header, footer, nav- intact.
What I try to do: duplicate page.
What happens: any editing I do transfers to all duplicates and the original page.
I don’t believe I have any Interactions going on, not that I know what those are, I have been sifting through the forum and ran across that as a problem.
My grid areas change, my paragraphs move, my images move and lose format, things get jumbled.
What am I doing wrong?

The styles you are applying in each case are either on all the elements (like all the p tags) or they share a class that you’ve created. Can you share the website?

Will this do it?


Record a of you doing it.

I am sure I am doing something wrong. I get that, but if you could look at my original questions and try to lay out some bread crumbs I would be very appreciative. I am sure that others don’t run into this problem, what is their method?

In the meantime, I will try to give you what you are asking for. The problem is, I am already late to pick up my daughter from school.

What I said originally is the answer. When you duplicate a page it duplicates all the classes so a change to one element with a class it will change all elements with the class.

I get that, so how do I copy the background, and the bare bones grid to multiple pages without them effecting each other through additions and such?

I am working on a recording…

click the dropdown arrow on the right of the class and duplicate the class

At what point do I duplicate the class? After I have duplicated the page? I never made a class of the whole page.

Understand that I realize my ineptitude. I have watched every 101 tutorial at least twice, several a dozen times! Some aspects of Webflow are not very intuitive for me so I appreciate the hand-holding!

No worries, it takes a few rodeos to get the hang of it. I’ll try to record a video later tonight.

I got it to work! Thank you for all of your help.

Nowhere is it explained in the tutorials that if you want to duplicate a page, you need to go over to the class and duplicate that as well. It makes sense, but I was also unaware that a page had its own class. I can’t believe that this isn’t a known issue for the uninitiated- and something to add to the tutorial on making pages.

Thanks again, I will mark as solved.

Great. Sorry I didn’t get to making the video!