Duping Pages? Best Practices?

What is the best practice for duplicating a page layout. I have created a template. It was perfect, then I duped the page and started editing that page for something else…then I realized it broke everthing on all previous pages.

So after duping a page, would I need to rename all the classes or is there osme other easier way?

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If you duplicate the pages, they will still have the same class applied, so as you said, any changes will affect other elements with that class.

You could just give an element that needs to change a new class, for example “container-flex” etc etc if that element needs to behave differently on specific pages.

You could also build a style guide page that has these different elements pre thought out and then just copy paste them as needed.

That’s what I am trying to do now after such frustrating of breaking my pages by mistake.

Trying to rename them like Full, 80, etc as combo tags for each type. Hung up on this div border issue right now :frowning:


There’s more detail on Combo classes here:

Also on ‘Duplicating’ classes here too:

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