Copy layouts from Ecommerce Pages to CMS Collection pages

I’m working on an Ecommerce site.
I need to add a CMS Collection Page with an almost identical layout like I have it on the Ecommerce Product Template.
How can I copy the whole layout from the Ecommerce Template to the CMS Collection Template so that I don’t have to re-create every single element?

  • When I try to copy/paste a div with all the layout elements in it, I get “Add to cart can only be pasted in a Product Page or Product Collection List”.
  • When I take out the cart I get “Dynamic elements can only be moved within the same Collection List or Collection Page”.
    When I try to make a symbol of that div first I get “Symbols can’t contain dynamic elements that are not part of a Collection List Item”.

Here is my public share link:

It’s not 100% foolproof, but in this situation I dump the page content to copy in a div, duplicate it, then remove the bindings in one of the sets to the collections and this then allows you to copy to another page where you can then bind the items to collections.

Some items may need completely deleting and adding on the new page but it shouldn’t be many.

Thanks, iratefox!
I’ve seen that work-around and tried it earlier.
Tried again. Got it to work now.
Btw. I needed to remove any and all bindings in that div for it to be past-able.
And maybe, in the first attempt, I missed an element that needed to be disconnected, or an element that still had a conditional display applied to it. Who knows…

Anybody else trying this: it seems a bit trial and error, specially when you have a lot of bindings or multiple collection lists in your div. Make sure you remove conditional displays and all bindings before you copy/paste it over.

I wish this was easier achievable.
Maybe worth adding it to the Wishlist.

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