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Duplicate a Site (themeforest template) in Webflow

I have a client (potential client), that found this site on Themeforest. He really likes it, but knows it is not an exact fit. He called me and asked if I could build this site for him. Of course he is unaware of what tools etc., that I use, but wants me to get back to him by 8/1 - Monday with an answer. Being somewhat new to Webflow; I have some ideas, but nothing clear.

Could an experienced (Webflow) designer respond (or Webflow employee) and let me know (1) Is it possible and (2) If possible, could you point me in a General Direction on how to build the Interactions seen on the site. Thank you!!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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This is a VERY simple site and easy to build with Webflow.

Simple put up a fixed nav on the side, a div on the right, and have trigger interactions do the rest of the work, although I must note that with all the hover dropdowns the site has it might me be a bit complicated, it may take more time to get them to work correctly.

This website is not difficult to replicate.
As Vlad said… it would some time - but it’s very do-able.

Thank you!

If the project comes to be, could I possibly hire you for a few hours to set up the core structure?


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