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Dual Error - Unable to delete CMS object in Designer - Unable to Read Error Notification

See Screenshot:

How to reproduce:

  1. Open webflow project
  2. Open CMS objects
  3. Checkmark CMS Page
  4. Select Delete and choose ‘Delete Permanently’


Hi @miekwave

Can you provide some more clarity:

  1. Could you provide a read-only so we can see/replicate your structure in more detail?
  2. Do you mean here to open a ‘collection lists’ pane and choose a list ?
  3. If so, do you then mean to checkmark a collection item and delete it ?
  • Or, are you attempting to delete a purple CMS template page?

  • Also, does the same thing happen in Safari and Chrome ?

  • Does it also happen in there respective private/incognito modes ?

That extra info will help the Bugs Team to investigate further.

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Hi @miekwave

After digging into this a bit more we were able to reproduce this issue.

Our team is investigating this now and we’ll be sure to post back when we have more info.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi @miekwave

Thanks again for posting about this.

Our team pushed a fix for this — can you please confirm that the issue is resolved on your end?

​Thanks in advance!


I have been unable to reproduce the error on my end. As far as I’m concerned this is now #resolved.

Thank you!

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