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Dropdown with UL question

I’ve discovered you cannot put a UL inside of a dropdown link…but I am able to put a UL in between the dropdown links (and remove dropdown links as needed)

My question is, does anyone see any problems with doing this? My UL list items will be links, instead of using the dropdown links…seems to work, but I wasn’t aware if there are unforeseen problems with this…

Hi @icreate, good question. You can put other content into the Dropdown List element and experiment. We only support using the native widget features, but you may be able to get the behavior you want, you just have to play around with it. I recommend making a duplicate of your site, then use the duplicate to use for testing :smile:

Once you get a site going with the list in the Drop Down, if you share the link, we can take a look at that to perhaps give some tips :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave - I’ll try a few things…