Dropdown adding link

If I want to add a dropdown to my menu can I add a page link to the actual dropdown top element?
I understand that you have the list elements in the dropdown and can link to pages there. When you add the dropdown to a top bar menu the word dropdown is shown with a downward facing caret. I want to change the word Dropdown to Home and have that link to the Home page and have the list elements link to other pages. Is this possible with the Dropdown Block?

Add link to the element the red arrow is pointing at. Really it would be the text block but there is no way to do so.

The dropdown link is the trigger to open the dropdown. So no. This is the same in most other menu systems as well. From a UI perspective, sometimes you need to just include the link as the first child in the dropdown.

Thanks for the reply. This is possible every other system I have worked with like Bootstrap, Foundation, and the one I’m coming from n33. I think it would be something they could do.

I’ve found the answer to this! I don’t know how I didn’t see this before I was on this page like three times.

If you want to make the dropdown toggle a link, drop a text link inside of the dropdown toggle and delete the default text block, “dropdown”. Adjust the padding of this text link so the clickable area is larger. Also, set the left padding of the dropdown toggle to 0. This way, the text part will be a link and the arrow part will open the dropdown. Style it as you’d like.