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Cannot add <div> into <li> element

Why can’t I add DIV into a UL ?

I can do this via html / css… but not in Webflow ???

Hi @Revolution, yes at the moment, only list items can be inserted directly under a unordered list in the designer… It is possible to put your list inside of a div or put a div inside of a list item.

Thsi is a validation restriction on the list widget, but if you need more details, I am happy to check.



By specification divs are not valid children of ul (even in html5).

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Thanks @cyberdave

yes @sabanna abanna . You are correct.

I was actually trying to place the DIV inside the LI and not the UL.

but for some strange reason… I could not.

When I created this post… I meant to say LI and not UL.

I restarted the browser… then this issue went away.

Have another strange issue with classes having a bottom border… but there is no indication in the Navigator :frowning:

Still working that one out.

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