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Dropdown inside of a dropdown

Can you have a dropdown inside of a dropdown?

I have a dropdown in my navbar. When it goes to a smaller view (eg. tablet or lower), the dropdown is lost…

Am I missing something… is there way to have a “dropdown in a dropdown”?

Hi @Compass, thanks a lot for the question. Yes, you can have a drop down within a drop down. It seems that in the site, in the main navbar, the mobile menu button has been deleted:

I would add a new navbar to the page, and then drag the menu button to your navbar, on the same level as the Mobile Menu div:

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Thank you - Yes and no…
Huge problem…

It worked - now there is a clickable menu button.
But none of the links in it work. If you go to preview in tablet view and click on a link, they all go to 404?!?!

Please help.

Hi @Compass, I would publish your site and then check those links. We do have a known issue with links within symbols in preview mode, that do not link to the correct page. The issue only affects to links when viewing the site in the preview mode, and the issue is not site specific, it is affecting all users in Webflow currently, that have links inside of Symbols.

Alternatively, you can select the Navbar symbol, and convert it back to a normal element, by going to the Symbols section of the Global Objects Tab, and click the “unlink symbol” button.

This will remove the navbar instance from the main symbol, and then the preview links should work. I would only do this however, if you have a particular need to view the page linking in preview mode.

I would just publish your site, and then test the links.

If you publish, the links should work fine, you can publish and see for yourself. If you have questions, let me know :smile:


Ahhh - good to know. Thank you for explaining.

Yes, I’m trying to finish it up this week, so hopefully I can publish it and take a look.

Thank you!


Hi @Compass, remember you can publish at anytime, check those and then unpublish :slight_smile: I will be here in case you have more questions on this :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Just to be sure - when I unpublish, will that just revert everything to how it was before I published this “update”?

Hi @Compass, The site will be in one state when you publish, and when you unpublish, the site will still be the same as before publish, unless you continue to make changes in the editor while the site is published.

Those changes to the site made in the editor view, while the site is published, will not appear until you re-publish your site changes.

When you unpublish, nothing happens, except the site is no longer published.

Does that answer your question? There is no reverting back to any old state when unpublished. Site is simply unpublished.

I see - but that doesn’t help me… I need the site published!

Hi @Compass, that is ok, you can publish your site at any time, or unpublish it at any time. Any changes you have made to the site in the editor will be published. When you unpublish, nothing happens to your site changes, those are still there.

Does that help to clear it up? Cheers, Dave

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