Dropdown/Select CMS Seasons

I am trying to create a cms page similar to ‘https://www.crunchyroll.com/series/GY9PJ5KWR/naruto’. I’m having difficulty implementing the seasons dropwdown. I want users to be able to select which season to navigate to at the top of the episodes. Below all the episodes i would also like two buttons that say ‘prev season’ and ‘next season’ so users can navigate via those buttons as well.

I want the seasons to be dynamic so if a show has 1 season it only shows 1 dropdown field, if a show has 10 seasons it shows the 10 seasons on the dropdown. I would also like when the button is clicked to ‘next season’, the dropdown shows the season its currently on.

I’ve searched quite a bit. Tried finsweet. jetboost etc but the filters dont exactly work dynamicly. I would greatly appreciate any help and apologies for the rambling.

In short i want a seasons navigation that works exactly like the link provied above. Thank you for taking the time.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Thank you for taking the time to go into such depth with your reply. It means a lot especially since i wasnt sure if anybody would even see this. I have updated the site with your ideas and the dropdowns have been poulated with their respective seasons successfully so thank you for your help. Im still not quite sure on a few things but i think i’ll keep trying before asking for more help. Is it okay if i message you personally if i do need help?

Thanks again for the help|!

Glad I could help point you in the right direction.
If you have further stuff, post here in the forum and hopefully someone in the community will have some time to help.

If you are looking for tutoring or a feature build, you can DM me and I can send you my rates.