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Dynamic Drop-Down Filtering

Hello all!

First post here. I’m quite new with Webflow, but here goes my question. I’m trying to create a dynamic drop-down filter of a CMS list, like this website here: (also made in Webflow).

Can anyone help out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @samlafontaine,

Welcome to Webflow ! :slight_smile: I am new as well. I was also trying to find a solution to this… and came across this link.
Hope this helps!:slight_smile:


Hi @rannjan_joawn,

Thanks for posting. I’ve come across that but had a hard time implementing. Did you manage to do it? And are you using a CMS for your list?


I do not have any feedback, but I would like to know how you got your filters to its current point.

Hi @samlafontaine/ @Dominooch85,
I have saved these links for the time being as I am in the process of working on my 1st site and also understanding webflow. Once I will start using them… Will let you know when I start implementing these techniques :slight_smile:

I would love an answer to this problem. I am trying to create a dynamic drop down list based off CMS categories that filters content on the same page based on the selection in the dropdown. There’s many people asking the same things in different threads with no answers other than the mixitup-tutorial link (Filtering CMS content | Webflow+MixitUp3 tutorial) which filters by class name and not existing CMS categories…