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Select element as a dropdown menu?

Good morning, everyone;
Here’s my little problem.

I would like to create a drop-down list to allow the selection of an item that would redirect to a page specifically dedicated to the item in question.

I know I can use the drop down component but it doesn’t really meet my needs for several reasons:

The select item allows to display on the mobile a different drop down menu than the one proposed by the drop down.
I will have to add to this list a lot of items and therefore would have liked to automate this task.

So my question is the following: Is there a possibility to use a menu component in a dynamic way for example to feed through the pages of a CMS. And is it possible to use the select component outside a form? Thank you in advance for your answers!

Here is my public share link

Help ? :upside_down_face:

Not really understanding what your plan is, but I did notice you aren’t linking to anything. So I am now guessing you want to link to a cms page (template) in which that ability is in the Link Settings. I’m sure you knew this, but as I said…