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Maintaining hover state on a dropdown menu

Hello everyone!
I’ve built a dropdown menu that both changes state on hover, and displays the menu items. However, when I move the cursor over the items in the dropdown list, the hover state for the menu button changes back the default state. I would like it to display the hover state as long as the cursor is over the button or over the menu items.
Any suggestions?

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Your public share link is not working. This is not acceptable on these forums when you are asking for help.

Public share links are different from published website link. Do take note. Click the “(how to access public share link)” to see how to actually find it.


To answer your question, paste this in the textarea field “Before < /body> tag” of Site Dashboard Settings > Custom Code. It should be here

.w-dropdown:hover .w-dropdown-toggle {
    background: white;
    color: black;

Thanks for taking the time to reply. The link should be correct now.
The CSS you provide did not seem to work.

You need to wrap the styles in a style tag, updated.

Ha! Yeah, just figured that out. Thanks so much- works perfect!

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