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Dropdown menu on Ipad doesn't open


I have an issue regarding dropdown menu working on an iPad, I do hope someone can help me on this.

My dropdown menu has a primary heading that you can click on to open a page but on a mouse hover you also open a dropdown list. Works perfectly on desktop and mobile but not on iPad.

On iPad I guess I would need to change it to - when you click on a primary heading the dropdown list shows up and stays until you choose which page you want to be redirected.

All thoughts welcome! : Thank you!!!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @iigami

Since you are asking for help with a particular device, you should also provide a link to the published live site so we could have a look at a published version in various browsers to troubleshoot… have you tried both chrome and safari, and tested on actual device or only in responsive browser emulations?

Thanks for your reply IVG.
Live website:

I tried on an actual device, the problem appears on iPad as I can only click on the primary heading (as no hover option)

ah, ok now i understand your problem - easy solve… so in the dropdown settings, uncheck “open on hover”
then go to interactions and create an interactions that will open/close the dropdown on click… as an alternative, you can have a hover interaction on desktop breakpoint, and and have a click interaction on tablet breakpoint… Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 2.37.45 PM


Thanks a lot, I fixed the problem with unchecking “open on hover” and then just used simple dropdown option.

P.S. I was sure I’ve answered you right away, sorry for that.