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Getting dropdown to work on the iPad


I have an issue regarding dropdown menus, I do hope someone can point me in the right direction please.

My client wanted a dropdown list, but rather than clicking on the primary heading simply to open it he wanted that heading to ALSO go to it’s own page. So I managed to modify the primary heading and wrapped a link around it, he was happy.

This works perfectly fine on desktop view because it’s on hover BUT go to the iPad and that’s a different story. When I click on the primary heading it opens and you see the sub menus inside, but then it continues it’s journey to the primary page.

Instead I want the dropdowns to “click” open and stay open so people can decide where to go. I’ve seen this done on another website so know it’s possible.

All thoughts welcome! :smile:

See my screenshot. Primary = Services

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Desktop and mobile have 2 different user experience, because of touch and hover, and they deserve to be developped and fine tuned apart. It’s sometimes impossible to make things work on both devices exactly as you want.

So, either duplicate the full navbar or only the menu item that is problematic.

The set the one for desktop like this:

And the one for mobile like this:

Downside: landscape tablet mode will call the desktop breakpoint.

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Thanks Vincent, I get you :slight_smile: will give that a try. Cheers

Okay got that to work on a test. All I need to do though is replicate the primary heading to a secondary heading and we are away :slight_smile: That will work for me thank you.

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