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Hello all,
I am designing a for a client I am having trouble with the navbar dropdown menu.

  1. It does not stay when its hovered! first I thought its the z-index 's problem which I checked that was not an issue.
  2. Although I made it as a component, it is having different attitude in the home page and other pages.
    I would really like your help!!!

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I’m on an iPad so I can’t test the hover but wondering in the custom attribute you’ve added might be causing the issue.

When you convert the nav to a component, to ensure the change happens on all pages, be sure to click on the little pencil icon before making a change. This has been a common issue since Webflow changed the interface. If you make a change without clicking the edit pencil icon, the change will only take place on that one page.
To revert, from the homepage, edit the component (clicking on the pencil icon), go to your dropdown, select your dropdown and in settings “open” the dropdown. Select the “supplement” link (label appears in purple) go to settings and tell it to “disconnect property”. You’ll need to do this on any other similar elements that were changed.

I personally liked the old interface because it assumed you’re making a change to the component across all page when clicking within it, and then gave a secondary option to only change that one instance. They reversed this assumption, but changing one instance is something that happens less often so why make it the easier workflow?

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Thank you for the complete response and the hint! excellent,
I figured out that one Zen Index had a problem.