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Dropdown in hamburger menu not opening on click of dropdown section name text

Issue is only happening on Hamburger menu.

On desktop, we have on.Rollover 1st level hyperlinks, on.Rollover it opens up a drop-down navigation menu.

BUT, on hamburger mobile, we can’t detect on.Rollover, and it seems that the user has to click on the parent div and or drop-down arrow in order to get the drop down to invoke and open up.

FOR SOME reason, clicking on the actual word itself makes the whole hamburger navigation close up and go away.

I’m pretty sure it’s a simple switch, maybe on the display settings, but for the life of me, I can’t guess it…any help would be super appreciated.
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Desired outcome:
On mobile, if the user clicks on the 1st drop down, ‘Our Story’ this sections drop down menu should slide down / open up allowing the end user to select one of the links. If they click the word ‘Our Story’ again, it should close the sub-nav drop down.

Screenshot of the dropdown main link and arrows to point to it’s structure [ bottom of page ] and maybe one of the options, I’ve tried to change the
open menu on hover
but no joy ;(

Which element should I be trying to change how it behaves / interact’s with the users
could it be I’m not changing the right element / Dropdown Main link < Nav Link < Dropdown < Div block

thanks for any help :wink:

Check out this video link:

Remove the checkbox for Open on Hover.

Once you do that it works fine.

Thanks for looking into this Brandon, i appreciate it / @WebDev_Brandon

So, yes, clicking on the parent element - anywhere in the white box and or the drop down arrow works fine.
when you attempt to actually click on the word ‘Our Story’ that’s when the gremlins take over.

It closes the menu all together. The client has asked and it makes sense, people will most likely put their thumb / finger over the word and click on it… BUT this isn’t working. we want it to behave just like the parent div behaviour, but it isn’t ;(

Any other tips / hacks you know of would be super helpful

I see your predicament there. That would be an issue that needs to be sent to @webflow support.

Thats not anything you or I can do about.