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Dropdown Menu Hyperlink Color won't change

Hi all!

Hoping I can get some assistance on a site I have been working on (still a work in progress!)

I have a submenu on the “About” tab – when the link is focused (let’s say you click and land on “History” and you go back to hover"About" tab), it will show the hyperlink color blue.

How can I change the hyperlink color and the charcoal background on the button?’

Thanks in advance!!!

On the Nav Symbol, click on About Dropdown, then open menu. Click on a Link in the Dropdown List. Go to Typography settings and remove the underline by click “X”. Underlines natively have blue font color. Then go to font color and click a red or anything, then click the black. Done.

That was easy! Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:

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