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Dropdown menu current page text color in blue to another color

Please go to Billing Input page in Data Capture folder and see the navigation.
When you open Data Capture dropdown menu, it automatically shows you are in Billing input page in blue text.
I didn’t make the blue text that shows the current page. Where can I change the text color?

if you simply select that link in the dropdown, you will see it says current. Blue is the default color for the current page in links. Once you select it, you can change the color to whatever you want or the same as your hover color.

I have no idea how to change that default blue text.
It shows the text color in white for the current page…

You have it selected in that screenshot. Simply go down to the style pane and change the font color. It will stop being blue and change to whatever color your choose.

I already changed color to white, but it didn’t work.

Your public link isn’t working. Can you check it and repost?

@alsclick, I was in the same situation before.

Just click the font color and try some other colors while its on “Current”. Should do the trick.

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