Drop-down list and text block

I built a simple website with Webflow once three years ago and I am trying to do so again, but somehow I can’t wrap my brain around how to achieve what I assumed would be a simple basic layout. I want a column of topics which drop down for sub-topics on the left and a block of text on the right which changes with the selection of a topic or sub-topic. I want the column on the left to always be visible and not just a drop-down menu. I have tried using columns and div blocks but there is something fundamental that I am not grasping and I keep getting unexpected results. I did a short search for a template that would accomplish this, but did not see anything.
Can someone point me in the direction of a template or example or even just a discussion of how to achieve this?
Richard Patterson

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Hey @RichardP

What you’re referring to is commonly called an accordion. Webflow now uses “dropdowns” for that.

All you need to do is style them accordingly.

Thanks, but I was hoping to find a way to have a list on the left like a table of contents which is not a drop down but is always visible and scrollable if it is too long to fit.

I can’t post a read-only link, because I don’t have anything designed yet.

I think what u need is a Sticky div block

Thanks. That may be what I need, but in reverse. What I had in mind was a list on the left that scrolled and consisted of links which would change the text in the block on the right. I suspect this would be a bad idea for displaying on a phone, but frankly at the moment I am not trying to cater with people using a phone to participate in a discussion of the ideas being presented.


I would also advise you to add your share link so that maybe, just maybe, the community could offer a different/better solution.

A lot of times, builders try to over design their site and a much simpler solution could be had.