Dropdown Problems

I want to make a dropdown in the footer of my site. I want to add a lot of links to it. How do I stop the dropdown from extending past the footer into a white area? Also even better would be for the first column in the dropdown to go down 10 links and then start on a new column next to the present one and continue down another 10 links and continue this pattern to create consistent columns of links in a dropdown that doesn’t extend past the footer. Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/davids-superb-project-c6ee06?preview=d92ff0b106212efbf59ec87f8381f36b

Here is the subdomain link: http://davids-superb-project-c6ee06.webflow.io/#

I can’t see where you’ve added a long list so I can only speculate. You can make the outer container overflow auto with max height of 100vh and it will add scrollbars when it’s longer.

But, from a user experience standpoint, as a designer, I’d strongly recommend against it. It makes it extremely difficult for your viewers to navigate your site. I suggest instead, making pages that have a list of links to go to for different things. Perhaps grouped by type. Then, from the homepage you could have a dropdown for the outer categories and then each resulting page would have a nice list or grid of other specific pages to go to.

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Thanks for the help. I just wanted to have a list of cities or states that get shown when somebody clicks on the dropdown. I’ll probably do this another way. Thank you for the suggestion.