Possible to use Navbar or Dropdown for slider content?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to use navbar or dropdown for content instead of links?

I’m going for this effect here where you click the hamburger icon and the slider drops down. I’ve built one out of links with a div positioned off screen linked to a trigger, but I wanted to see if there was another way. I’ve tried both methods with the dropdown and the navbar but I can only get text boxes to trigger visibility.

Thanks for the help!

Just getting back on and catching up a bit myself on some updates. Yes you can, example i just used earlier tonight images in the navbar vs text links, just keep the linkblock intact and u should he ok.

Hope that helps. Remember the core of the elements are truly, at end if the day, div blocks. Thanks

Ok, I was on the right track leaving the link. I try to remember they are divs and figured it’s just a placeholder with a link in it, and the toggle switch opens it.

Anyways, I tried adding some collections for pictures, but it just won’t show up when placed under the link.

Do you have a temp url you have published to i can take a look at? Thanks

I’m trying to figure out how to share my editable link with you on a copy of the site I published

There we go.


Still figuring things out as I go :slight_smile:

hey no problem, same here. I wake up everyday hoping to learn something new, so all good. I’ll take a look in a few minutes soon as I wrap up this one item for a client real quick. Get back to you shortly.

Thank you. I tried stuffing some image container and other things in it, which shows up when the nav button is triggered, but there is no way to make the container 100% height. It only wants to scale for whats in there.

Two other problems I noted is the container background can’t be changed to transparent. Opacity defaults to white (I’d like to be able to see the content slightly that is below it). The scroll bar also appears if you tuck anything in it.

i should be looking at it at ~9:40, all the files are uploading now for clients BigCommerce store customization then good to go.

Ok, so just to summarize to make sure I’m on the same page. You are trying to have a menu similar to Affinity, when you click on the hamburger menu it slides down and has content in it, images, lists, etc. Screenshot if you can view it below.


Currently, Im seeing nothing when I click the hamburger. So you are trying to use the menu/nav burger to open this?

I think I would probably use a div tag, create/add your own hamburger icon, then have it viewable on all devices. Then use a transition and positioning to create an animation type opening (almost like a modal window) but would come from the top down, then when it appears, have the inner div tags, content, layout etc. appear but only after the main “nav menu” is viewable. I know that sounds like a ton, but I can try to duplicate what you’re trying to accomplish on a test site and see what I get.

I would think if you have hamburger menu in the open state you should be able to do what you’re trying. After all, it is just div tags. I’d have to play with animation on the menu to accomplish the same goal.

Let me know what you think, I have some time I can see if I can make it work on one of our sites.

Also, if there is a way we can do it, id be happy to test/edit the work on your site direct. No problem at all, but I also know how that is too. Strange folks you really don’t know in your site :slight_smile: I’m fine either way, just didn’t want you to think I wasn’t willing to do that, lol

Thanks for putting the time in to take a look, I really appreciate it! I actually duplicated the site, and have no problem adding you as a editor to see what you think. I’m not sure how to do that so let me dig around!

I don’t think I can add you as an editor without a pro plan. I have to head out of the office for a few hours but I will take a look at sharing again when I get back.


yeah it takes a team account I do believe. Ill do it on our side and send you a url

Ok if you check here, I just threw this together sort of quick. But this is the basics of what you wanting to do I think. Not exact but i think with some adjustments and more time could work fine for ya. I did notice that if you mess with the menu % width or height it doesnt want to open correctly.


Hey just checking in and seeing how it’s going? Any luck with it? Hope the info was somewhat helpful and now your rocking it!

Sorry I was out preparing for the nor-eastern tomorrow + night classes. Thanks for taking a look. Yes that is what I was going for so your method confirms that I should probably just use an off-screen positioned slider to get what I need done. The navbar method just seems unnecessary, and that div has style elements that prevent me from having the flexibility that I 'm looking for.

I already have a full screen BG video playing, so I was hoping to find a way to do an ajax call for the slider to keep load times down, but I don’t think I can do that in webflow?

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