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Collections on one page

I was going to see if this was possible.

So you have your collection which you could use for example a blog.

You are on one page and you don’t necessarily want to leave that page.

Is there a way that you can have a drop down, or a link, etc. that you could select and then the appropriate blog post would then be available on the same page.


On a page. Has a list of titles of the blogs. Next to list is a drop down. The drop down has the whole list in the drop down. You also have another empty box that when you select that specific blog title in the drop down this empty box is now filled with the data that the drop down title selected.


edit: This is a longer list then a tab would be able to display. The tab would look cluttered with that many titles. Just something on the same page that you can select the title and it displays the information without leaving the page.

Anyone? Is this not clear what I am trying to do?

You can drag in a collection and put a Text link within the dynamic item.

Here is how:

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling:

I am not wanting a text link that will go to a seperate page. I want it on the same page. So if you were to have a drop down and you select “How we host” text will appear next to it telling you the answer to that question. No clicking on each one to open a new page.

This idea won’t work as I have thought it, but it might spark some other thoughts.

What if you put a tab widget inside the dynamic container. You have your thumbnail designed as the tab, and you have the tab pain to read whatever you would have on your page. If you set the tab to none when you export, it should scale appropriately. I’m not sure how it would expand once clicked, or how to turn off the dynamic link…

May not be possible.

Webflow says they are working on other dynamic contents, such as tab. Perhaps you have to wait for these? The Dynamic List they have now seems to inherently link to a new page.

My List was designed for the content to be within the “link container”, but moving the content outside of the link container, I think you could make it 1px by 1px and therefore practically non-existent.

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