Transfer sites from personal to shared workspace without downgrading site plan

Dear all,

I would like to transfer two projects with a CMS plan from a personal Lite plan account to a shared ‘Growth workspace’. Webflow displays the following message: “You can’t transfer a site with an active hosting plan. To continue, you’ll need to first downgrade to Starter.”

Does this mean that I will lose CMS items?
Does it mean that I will have to add another CMS plan?
Will I get refunded for prepaid period of time I have left?

I am very interested in solving this issue without having to spend more money.


Hi Joep,

Did you get any answer to this?
I have the same query regarding potential loss of CMS and other site content/custom code in the process, I understand the need to upgrade account plan to do so but it is vital that all content be retained in the transfer process as the sites in question have been CMS hosted since 2017.

Best wishes,