Cancel Commerce Plan and Switch to CMS Business

Good Morning,

I am a little confused!

I would like to cancel my e-commerce plan and upgrade my cms plan instead.

Ecomerce Cancel
From CMS downgrade to business (Green Button)

But my problem is when I go to Plans and Billing and cancel Ecommerce Plan I get the following message: Canceling your site plan will unpublish your website effectively immediately. Your site will no longer be hosted or available from your custom domain.

Does it mean that my entire site will be deleted or is it still in the dashboard?

Do I only have to select the appropriate hosting package (after my cancelation) and add my domain again afterwards?

The site remains on Webflow (hosting). The only thing that changes is that I no longer need an ecommerce function, but I need more CMS.

What is your recommendation, experience or suggestions?

I don’t want to have anything wrong or nasty surprises.