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We have a .org domain that is registered in South Korea. It has been active for about 18+ years. The provider does not have dns management. I want to publish our new site using this existing domain. If I am able to transfer the domain registration to someone like Godaddy, will that cause problems with our existing SEO? Are you allowed to have your domain registered from outside of the country you are in? Just curious if anyone know about this.

@Paul_Gary welcome to the forum! I’m glad you’re still allowed to register a domain wherever you want :joy:. Some domains (TLDs, top level domain) are country-specific like .FR or .BE although not all countries enforce residency-proof for TLDs. As long as the proper re-directs are set-up, it should be fine SEO-wise. I’m pretty sure it can sometimes happen that it takes some time to recover but google is smart enough to understand what’s happening.

@sarahfrison Thanks for the insight. Do you see any issues with us trying to transfer to someone like Godaddy? I have been searching the Korean domain registry sites, and because of my lack of the Korean language I’m having a hard time finding out if they allow us to create dns records. The one we currently use looks like you can set custom name servers, but there is no place to select the “a record” or any of the other instructions that are mentioned when publishing a webflow site with a custom domain. This is a school and our website is depended on by parents and students so I’m hesitant to change providers to a US based registry without a bit more knowledge.

@Paul_Gary is there a way to reach out to your current provider? I really can’t help much here without more specific information. I’d ask them if that’s an option.

@Paul_Gary setup you DNS with cloudflare, and change your nameservers at your korean registrar to cloudlfare, no need to transfer your domain at all. Once this is all working, you can always decide to transfer your domain, but then you are sure your website is live and keeps working while you transfer.

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